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Ireland is often referred to as the Green Island, and we here at the Academy Plaza Hotel want to keep it that way. There are many ways to be environmentally conscious and contribute to a better future. By small choices of action, you too can influence for the benefit of global greening. We love feedback also. If you have an idea to help us on our journey in becoming more green, do let us know.
Our belief is we are here for a good time but for a long time too! To secure that for ourselves and generations to come, we do our part in contributing to making Ireland sustainable, secure and clean. To achieve this, Ireland must use our energy sensibly, move to clean energy and innovate to create new solutions to meet energy needs and process the waste produced. While the country has its nationwide programs, the Academy Plaza has its small contributions of its own.

A hotel as big as ours produces much waste. All waste generated is carefully divided and shipped off through appropriate channels to be recycled.

Energy saving
Some examples of what we do to be more energy efficient are listed below. We are always trying to be more energy effect here. A simple example is your keycards used in power saving electric slot in the room. When the card is not in its socket there, the energy is not flowing. While this makes small but significant savings when the rooms aren’t in use. Corridors have movement sensors and switch off when inactive. A continual effort is made in house, our equipment, from kitchen elements to light bulbs are also the most efficient on the market at the minute. Double glazed windows keep the noise out but also the warmth in as thermal isolation is also a way to attribute to energy savings.

Water saving
To hold on to fresh drinkable tap water, we are lucky to have; the public pipes are sensor controlled for hygiene and saving purposes. Also if you wish your towels replaced and cleaned there is an instruction to leave them on the floor for housekeeping to replace. In this way, unused towels aren’t needlessly rewashed until the next room occupants arrive.
We make small contributions, but if we all made them, we wouldn’t have any concerns for the future. As mentioned, we always look at a way to build on our green programme.are dedicated to exceptional guest service.

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