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Croke Park

The GAA Croke Park, Dublin is a prominent landmark in Dublin, only minutes from the hotel it is the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association and a must-do on every Dublin visitor map.
The GAA is at the heart of Irish culture, the sporting association which was founded in 1884 in Thurles, Co. Tipperary for the “preservation and cultivation of Irish pastimes”, the most famous of these being Gaelic football and hurling. Along with being two of the oldest sports in the world, both are still two of Ireland’s most favourite sports today with GAA football and hurling clubs all over Ireland.
Academy Plaza is one of the closest hotels to Croke Park in Dublin, only 15 minutes on foot you can go to see the biggest GAA fixtures of the year. Croke Park in Dublin has been headquarters of the GAA since 1913 and is named after the first patron of the GAA, Archbishop Thomas William Croke. The stadium was redeveloped in the late 90s and now seats 82,300 making it the fourth largest stadium in Europe.
The main GAA fixtures of the year are the All Ireland football final and the All Ireland hurling final and they both take place in September of each year. Other GAA matches and championships also run throughout the year so there is frequent opportunity to see these traditional Irish sports live in action. Academy Plaza are delighted to offer Dublin visitors great rates so they are within walking distance of Croke Park and it’s electric atmosphere on match days.
Croke Park is not only a host for GAA supporters and players but for exhibition conference, historians and musicians. Croke Park is also a world renowned venue for concerts with acts such as U2, Take That and Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and most reciently Bruce Springsteen gracing the stage.
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