Greeting guests since 1998.

Early beginnings with Fado Fado bar

20 years ago

Looking back to the old facade


Our story started back in 1998 and much has changed since them. Thankfully to our guest and reputation we had the opportunity to grow slowly with size and reputation over the last couple of decades. Today we proudly boast 304 guest rooms where we try work with our 3 star class while striving to maintain our 5 star service and welcome.

Hotel was built and is owned by the Comerford family and native to the sunny south east in county Kilkenny. We have a very nurturing and caring owner who through continued investment in their product and people provide a wonderful base for anyone seeking accommodation and a comfortable stay in the city centre.

Our central location could not be more ideally located. Uniting that with our caring customer service was a good match and soon produced a need for more rooms. The hotel first got a small addition of 21 rooms and then they multiplied to another 184 more. With our continued success we began to grow and had a successful working relation with Best Western while still trading as an independent hotel. Growing our brand and our customer reach and completing our bedroom stock to our current stock of 304 guest rooms. We now no longer work underneath the Best Western umbrella whilst still maintaining our growth, reach and more importantly the pride we have our our property through a continued investment and improvement plan.
The Comerford family still have a hands on role in the management of our company. Even though we have changed in size and leadership Academy Plaza reserves traditional Irish values and continues to greet guests with genuine Irish friendliness and integrity thanks to our team and family.

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